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John Meza: Bringing a Voice to the People

“We spend so much of our lives chasing our desires and wants but, the reality is, that’s not how you really find yourself. Once I figured out I had the knowledge and skills to help people, why not do that?” The son of migrant workers, John Meza’s early years consisted of time spent traveling between […]

Carmona Reyna: It Takes a Village to Make a Movie

It Takes a Village to Make a Movie That’s the lesson Taylor Carmona wants people to learn when they talk about independent filmmaking. The founder and leader of one of the first film studios operating in Corpus Christi, Carmona wants Pomegranate Studios to bring together local filmmakers. Film hasn’t been a lifelong passion for Carmona, […]

Task Papa Discounts

We are proud to announce the ad-hoc discount offer for the AXOM Foundry community in partnership with Task Papa. Task Papa is an organization that will handle any digital tasks for you at a discounted rate. The following discounts provided to our members are listed below. 50% Flat Discount on First Invoice 35% Flat Discount […]

Why Does Anyone Pay for Coworking?

Some people make an impression on you right from the start. In that first conversation, you realise they’re going to be important to you. Their values match or complement your own, they challenge you, they fill your mind with potential. And, hopefully, you do the same for them. These connections run deeper than the typical […]

Coworking Saves Money Where You Least Expect It

If you’re self-employed or you run a small business, using a coworking space might be the perfect way to enhance your business and save money at the same time. What is a Coworking Space? A coworking space looks like any traditional office space. There are desks, chairs, walls, and cubicles. The only difference between a traditional office […]

Coworking: A Promise for Productivity

Coworking: A Promise for Productivity Four cups of coffee, monotonous hours of web surfing, and hours of people watching later—you have yet to make a dent in your workload. Ever wonder why? Maybe it’s personal. Maybe you’re just not all that interested in your work at the moment. Or maybe it has to do with […]

Why Coworking Spaces Are Becoming a Solopreneur Haven

Why Coworking Spaces Are Becoming a Solopreneur Haven There seems to be a difficult transitional phase that every startup encounters as a company begins to grow out of its basement phase.  However, this need for a larger, more professional office space often cannot be met with appropriate funding.  For this reason, many up-and-coming entrepreneurs are […]

6 Ways Your Large Scale Company Can Benefit from the Coworking Trend

6 Ways Your Large Scale Company Can Benefit from the Coworking Trend Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular for small businesses, start-ups and freelancers.  The added benefits of this trend are becoming hard to ignore, even for large companies and teams. Here are six ways your large scale company can benefit from this new trend. […]

Why This Entrepreneur Thinks Coworking Is The Service for Burnout and Creative Blocks

When one door closes, another door opens. Cliché? Sure, but for Texas-based entrepreneur Hayley Swindell, the adage rings true. The closure of her first business, an ethical subscription box service called The Hip Humanitarian, has led Swindell straight to the opening of her next one: The Refinery, a coworking space for creatives, freelancers and makers […]

AXOM Foundry Coworking Space Launches to Give Budding Entrepreneurs Tools to Grow

For Immediate Release: Corpus Christi, Texas – In the heart of uptown Corpus Christi sits a cluster of prime office space with sweeping views of the city. Here, partnerships are born, ideas take shape, and change becomes progress. This is the ultimate vision for AXOM Foundry, the newly-open one-of-a-kind coworking space in Corpus Christi designed […]

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